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** PoUtS**   
06:44pm 17/07/2003
  Why is it that I always find away to do something that pisses you off! I love you and that's all that should matter but I guess we have a problem because I can't make you as happy! I try my hardest but that don't seem to get us where we need to be, sorry that your mad at me for going to lunch but hey that's my buddy! I still love you though.

On a better note Happy Birthday Ma hope it was nice for ya even though it rained! Oh yeah by the way I love the hair cut!
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Wondering why?   
09:53pm 09/07/2003
  I wish there was a way to show you just how I feel without showing you my heart! I never thought I'd feel this way til the day we meet and now that I felt it both good and bad I wish I hadn't! I thought you'd always be here for me through good and bad to pick me up once I fell but I guess love's blind like that and it was all just a show!

Happy birfday ma, I love you!

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Go FiGuRe SuMtHiNg GaY......   
10:48pm 25/06/2003
Happy Deathday!
Your name:mandymoore
You will die on:Monday, June 9, 2025
You will die of:Allergic Reaction
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* JuMpInG fOr JoY *   
10:38pm 25/06/2003
  I knew the day would come when my brother grew sum balls, and let me just say one thing Jess I am so PROUD of you and I hope you and Nicole are happy!!! I love ya guys!!!!

Monday I picked up my new truck it's *AwEsOmE* I can't wait until I get sum money to start adding shit to it.. *yAy* I love you Matthew James Singleton!! Your the best :)

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Worst day of my life...   
12:32am 13/06/2003
mood: depressed
Today at 10:30 Lin my Insurance agent declared my car TOTALED! Matt's Insurance agent declared his too......

Mandie, please call me and let me know your alright I am soooo sorry what happend. I wish it was me instead of you... SORRY
09:38am 05/06/2003
mood: nerdy
Ma's celebrating Allie's 5 year anniversary today!!! Damn 5 years they've been open. I am so excited for her she's happy that Allie's is doing so well.. Good Luck!

Going out today JoB hUnTiNg AGAIN!! I need a new or second job I just ain't making enough after paying insurance and car payment I have NO SPENDING MONEY and it SUX! So I am bound and determind to find a JoB today! Then around noon I am going to meet Gidonie for lunch since I haven't seen his fine ass in a long time. Then going to WORK! Bummer I hate working the 4-9 shift I would rather work in the morning, Oh well though. Gotta go things to do before work, LATA

I love you Matthew James Singleton...
...............HaPpY BiRfDaY...........   
01:58am 02/06/2003
mood: sore
Just wanted to wish Derek a Happy 21st Birfday since I never talk to the kid anymore. * FrOwNs *

Had an okay weekend even though my baby boi went up norf and until me and Mandie were at Walmarts and I sneezed so hard I blew out my back! Oh yeah so all weekend I pretty much layed around and hung wif my peepes. Oh yeah by the way let me be the first to say Adam we are the two dumbest ppl EVER. I can't believe we drove all the way to Hollow at 12am just to go and see my baby boi and gang for like an hour then turn around and get home at like 7am!!!!!!!!! NEVER AGAIN, were NuTz... But hey I love ya and thanks for going wif me sitting in traffic at 1:30 wif you was the best, exspecially playing songs wif my horn and see those retarts on the bus!!! *sMiLeS*

HaPpY BiRfDaY DeAr DeReK HaPpY BiRfDay To YoU.

...OuT tHiS bItCh LiKe WhOa...
01:13pm 31/05/2003
mood: enraged
Someone went into my journal and deleted alot of my stuff and I think I know who fucking did it! And to them I say FUCK YOU DUDE.
Leave my fucking shit alone skank!
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Giving ppl the bird can really hurt a guys feelings........   
03:02pm 22/05/2003
mood: full
Just got to slim's, we went and eat lunch til I go to work. So I am sitting here at slim's house watch the funniest cartoons on the website... Getting ready to go to work, boring I hate it! But hey it's money in my pocket! Going home tonight after work to pack for the best weekend that I am going to have wif my two most favorite boyfriends.... Slim and Matthew... Oh yeah not to mention everyone else that are going! I am going to get so damn wasted wif my slim! But I am going to work now..

I'm outta this bitch like whoa!
((( * * dances around * * )))   
10:57pm 21/05/2003
mood: determined
*yAy* friday after work I got a date wif the hottiest to be mom alive and I know your all jealous because I get to eat lunch wif her and you don't hahahah!!! Bri me and you gurl friday and I promise your going to feel 100% better about life and why your head should always be as high as it can be! I love you gurlie and I am here for you day or night!

Keep smiling, your loved!
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((( * * Cry myself to sleep * * )))   
11:22am 18/05/2003
mood: disappointed
....................ThOuGhT I wAs...........................

.....GuEsS nOt.....
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09:25am 16/05/2003
mood: dorky
I took my focus in this morning to get it repainted because there were a couple of scratches on it and they gave me a rental! o.M.g what an ugly car! 2001 Sable and the nasty color is baige! Make me sick. I just want my car back A SAP! I hope they call me before I have to go to work at 3! If not I am going to be lit! Well my baby boi is leaving this weekend to go up to the race track wif his brother ((( * FrOwNs * ))) I don't get to see him til sunday! It's going to be rough and I don't think I can do it! So to take my brain off of him being gone I think I am going to go party wif my gurl Tara and Scott on friday! Then possible the HoDown on saturday! I love ya gurlie and we are going to stomp us sum whores! *yAy*

* * cAtCh Ya LaTa DuDeS * *
That's why he loves me.........   
10:00pm 13/05/2003
  You're Sensitive and you'd like to stay that way..
-Sensitive- You're Sensitive, and you'd like to
stay that way. Sorry,listened to a bit too much
Jewel there. You're sweet and very emotionally
charged. You definitely love the person you're
with, and always want to know how they're
feeling so you can make sure they're happy.

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((( * * SmOoChEs * * )))   
09:55pm 13/05/2003
mood: loved
You have a surprise kiss! Your partner is always
pleasantly pleased to have you jump outta no
where to dote them with a fun peck on the cheek
or more passionate embrace. super markets and
work places are your favorite places to attack
your loved one with all your love =p

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11:55pm 12/05/2003
mood: artistic


What guitar are you?
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((( * * DaNcEs ArOuNd Da HoUsE * * )))   
11:24pm 12/05/2003
mood: shocked
Well I finally showed Tara my new car so now I can reveal it!

((( * *.....2001 FoCuS Zx3 LiGhTeNiNg bLuE.....* * )))

I bought it on friday and I have already went through a tank of gas! I love it to death it's so cute. No more labearon thank god! I am so happy that I bought this car wif out any help all by myself, well besides my baby boi talking to the sales guy! And doing the dirty work for me while I was at work. Thanks baby I love ya so much your my world! I also dot a puppy thursday which is so damn cute. Were calling him chubb's because he's so chubby! It's mine and Matt's kid! ((( * sMiLeS * ))) Everywhere we go chubb goes too. Hopefully he don't pee or poop in my car then were going to have problems.

Tara keep your heads up gurlie and your heart close I promise everything will be otay! I love you and this weekend is going to ROCK! YeaH BabY! Member if you ever need to talk I am just a click away. (((* * sMoOcHeS * *)))

I heart you my * *Shinny Star* *
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((( * * HoT n' On FiRe * * )))   
08:25am 09/05/2003
mood: ecstatic
Going to pick up my new car at noon today I can't wait it's to damn cute. So no more red lebearon!!!! My baby boi's going wif me to pick it up then were going to his ma's and then Ron's house to show it off! * sMiLeS * Tara I will be over sometime this weekend to show ya my hot rode! Thanks baby boi for talking wif this guy about my car, your the best!

Matthew James Singleton I love ya bunches!!!
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((( * * bLuShEs * * )))   
07:33am 07/05/2003
mood: bouncy
By the end of this week or next week I will have my new car!!!! *yAy* Went and did all the paper work on it and everything. I can't wait I am going to be so hot in that car! This weekend is going to be the best ever. Friday going to Space since it's the last weekend it will be open! Saturday bowling wif my baby boi and friends. Then saturday night and sun. camping wif my baby and family! This are GRRRRRRRRREAT.

Matt singleton is my shinny star!
((( * * DrAiNeD * * )))   
07:51pm 03/05/2003
mood: sleepy
Emotionally and Physically drained this week! Hung out wif my baby boi all week like always... *yAy* Yesterday after work I hooked up wif Bubba *sMiLeS* and me and him then hooked up wif Matt and off to the bowling alley we went! O.m.G I was so proud of Matt last night he won $600 for getting a certain score, then on top of that won $300 for coming in 3rd wif the league! I was so excited for him! Then we all went and got Randy, I love that BIG fucker! And then to Mrs. Q's to shoot sum pool and kick sum kids asses! Shot pool til 1:30 then me and matt went home and no one was there, ma had ended up going out to Ron's house! *yAy* I love that those two spend time together now!! Woke up this morning to go to work running alil' late but that's okay! *winks* Dragging my ass all day I came home and crashed! Matt and Bubba are out at a Bachalor's party together! Those two are funny! I am happy they get along and Bubba likes Matt, Sa-Weetness!!!! Going to go lay down til Matt and Bubba get home lata!

Tara sorry to hear about your situation I love ya to death and I am her if you need to talk about anything! Tomorrow will get together and hang out! I was really tired today anyways..
((( * *sMoOcHeS* * ))) Yours always!

<3 I love you Matthew Singleton <3..Your my shinny star..
((( * * FrOwNs * * )))   
10:24pm 27/04/2003
mood: depressed
??????????????????????????? CoNfUsEd ???????????????????????????

I don't know what to do?!?

Any suggestions!?!

((( * * HeLp * * )))
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